Martyn & Carol Ann

I first met Martyn & Carol Ann at our Mid Devon Weddings United Wedding Fayre at the Hartnoll Hotel.
They were planning a lovely big wedding at the hotel and were looking for a photographer that was very familiar with the venue as it had special relevance for them. The Hartnoll Hotel had featured strongly all the way through their relationship. They had dated there, Martyn had proposed there and they were to bring their two families together there on their big day.

They had seen several galleries from photographers that had shot weddings at the Hartnoll but were very interested in the fact that I had shot several wet weather weddings there. In particular that I had a special place to take couples for photos in inclement weather that they hadn’t seen from any other local photographer.

At the wedding fayre hands were shook, email addresses exchanged and we all parted company looking forward to planning the wedding for the following year. Sadly the couple contacted me a little while later to cancel their booking. Carol Ann had been hit by illness and they had been forced to cancel their special day as the bride-to-be was just too poorly to go ahead. A very sad state of affairs for everyone and I regretfully scrubbed the booking from my diary, resigned to the fact that I was not going to be covering their wedding. Then some months later I received an email out of the blue from Martyn on the off chance that I was still available for their original date. Carol Ann had recovered sufficiently to proceed with the wedding, however it was to be scaled down significantly so that it was manageable for the bride. Even though the booking had been reduced from a full day to just a Bronze package I was very keen to get back involved with the couple as I liked them immensely and they were very keen to rebook me. Luckily I still had their date available and we moved forward full steam ahead with arranging meetings, cups of tea and chocolate biscuit dunking to go through their big day.

This wedding was very much a family affair. Both had been married before and had children from their previous marriages but it was very rare for them to be able to bring all of their family together as their eldest children lived on the other side of the globe. It obviously meant a great deal to both Carol Ann and Martyn that their entire family be well photographed as they had no idea when the opportunity would arise again.

It’s fair to say that I often feel like I have gained new friends in my couples and they always have a special place in my heart long after the confetti has blown away and the photographs have been delivered. Martyn and Carol Ann are no exception and I am pleased to say that there have been some chocolate biscuit dunking sessions post wedding and several lovely emails from Mr & Mrs Stratton thanking me for what turned out to be a perfect and memorable day for them.