Dan & Chantelle

I was referred to Dan & Chantelle by a south Devon colleague of mine who was, sadly for him, unavailable for their special day.

His misfortune was certainly a bonus for me as they had planned to be married at the beautiful Dartington Hall, a little out of my normal catchment area but as it’s such a gorgeous venue I just couldn’t turn down the enquiry.

When I travelled to meet the bride and groom I was even more delighted to have been asked to cover their wedding as they were a truly lovely couple. We got on like a house on fire straight away! It’s really important for me that I feel a connection with my couples. In the past I have turned away potential clients because I haven’t felt that we would gel in the way I would like. Photographing a wedding is a huge deal and the couple need to feel comfortable with you very quickly in order to show you the intimacy of their relationship. It’s really important that the photographer is equally comfortable with the couple. There has to be a mutual trust. At times you may ask them do so silly things and they need to put their faith in you, but equally you have to put your faith in them, it has to work both ways to obtain great results.

I have to admit that I was feeling more than a little under the weather on the big day and I had to dose myself up to make sure I was able to deliver the service that Dan, Chantelle and I expected from me. Happily the weather was perfect, the drugs worked and the venue was just as beautiful as anticipated. My trusty second shooter Mike and I had a great day, surrounded by two really lovely families coming together.

This wedding will stay with me for a really long time and Dartington Hall has to be up there as one of my all time favourite venues and a beautiful job was done on decorating it for Dan & Chantelle.