Lou & Pete

When the lovely Lou asked me to come and shoot her wedding at Broomhill Art Hotel near Ilfracombe I was very excited because the venue looked fascinating! Lou promised her wedding would be unique and funky….she was right! I had a great time despite it being possibly the hottest and most humid day of the summer! I think I lost several pounds both in the non air conditioned bridal suite for prep and wandering the stunning sculpture gardens for the couple shoot.

The forecast promised huge thunderstorms so I loaded my trusty good luck charm umbrellas and headed up to north Devon with fingers crossed that the downpours would miss this pretty valley. I need not have worried! Just one heavy shower interrupted proceedings and to be honest I think all the guests and certainly I was grateful for the cool rain and clearer air!

The day started with funky uncomfortable weddings shoes…moved on to tappas and comfortable bovva boots and ended with heavy rock music…yup that pretty much sums the day up! I need say no more!

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