Faye & Graham

I was very pleased to be asked to attend Graham and Faye Cumes’s wedding at the stunning location of the Haldon Belvedere, nr Exeter. I had visited the castle but was yet to enjoy the experience of shooting there.

The bride and groom required only a half day booking as they were leaving the castle to have a reception later on in the day at a traditional pub in Devon’s remote countryside.

With the spring on 2013 being the coldest in decades, I can’t say that I had high hopes for mother nature gracing us with sunshine. The week leading up to the big day was cold and wet, so with the car loaded up with umbrellas, I sat and watched the weather forecast with an admittedly nervous disposition! The Belvedere is a stunning castle that towers over the city of Exeter and is simply magical on a warm clear day, but I feared it would be a miserable experience for the guests if the weather continued in it’s cold and dreary vein.

I need not have worried however, as my boot full of umbrellas once again proved to be my lucky charm. As the wedding morning dawned the sun glowed brightly in the sky and warmed the air to a truly spring like temperature. The skies were a glorious bright blue and the breeze was light. All in all a perfect day for the location.

As bride Faye was chauffeured up the steep Belvedere driveway in her vintage cream Rolls Royce, a cool and calm groom awaited in the beautiful ceremony room and I waited on the steps to greet her.

It was an emotional ceremony, full of smiles and laughter, followed by champagne and canapés on the lawn.

All in all it was a wedding I shall remember for a very long time as being a really joyful experience. The guests were friendly and fun, and Faye and Graham Cumes were a pleasure to work with and photograph.

I wish them every happiness in their marriage and huge congratulations on the news that they are soon to become a family.

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