Dawn and Dan, Sandy Cove

It’s very hard to choose a wedding photographer with prices, styles and quality varying so much and an increasing number of photographers to choose from.
I was approached by bride-to-be Dawn to discuss her wedding photography and she pre-warned me that she disliked almost every photograph she had ever appeared in. Just a little daunting I confess, but thankfully she had researched well, seen plenty of my work by following my Facebook page for some time before being satisfied that my style was what she was looking for.

So now it just came down to price. The wedding was a very intimate affair and as there was no evening reception planned, only a part day shoot was required. I am always happy to negotiate and produce a bespoke quotation based on the exact requirements of the bride and groom and a fair price was quickly agreed on.
Sure there are plenty of cheaper photographers out there, but Dawn was determined to choose a photographer that she trusted to deliver on the day.

The wedding was to be held at the superb location of Sandy Cove in Coombe Martin, North Devon. Chosen specifically for the stunning views over the bay. On the morning itself tensions were running high as the heavens were well and truly open, threatening the entire day. With a boot full of brollies I headed off to catch the last of the bridal preparation at Sandy Cove.

The ceremony was one of the most emotional I have had the pleasure of shooting, with Dawn’s daughter Ruby-May doing an excellent job of ring bearing and both bride and groom Dan visually overcome.

Sometimes I wonder if I have a charmed life with the weather because as the ceremony came to a close, the clouds ceased their downpour and whilst they did not part for blue sky, we were still able to enjoy the hotel’s terrace and views with bubbles and a fun photoshoot.

With the final images delivered some weeks later I received some amazing messages from Dawn to state that she had been crying her eyes out viewing her album…thankfully tears of joy I might add! So now she finally has some images of herself that she can exhibit with pride.


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